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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

[PRESS RELEASE] Textgram for Android hits 10 Million downloads

For Immediate Release
Textgram was the first app of its kind on Android, and it reached 10 Million users during a very short period of time.
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Dubai, UAE (September 13th, 2013) : Textgram, the next breakthrough after SMS, texting has never been this beautiful and this easy. Textgram is one of the most sought after app on Android. One of its kind on Android, its popularity can be judged by the fact that there are over 10 million users of this app within this short period of time since its inception. Created by a very young team of talented programmers and designers, this app has gained popularity within a week of its release on Android. Easy to use and at its creative best, users can easily use this app for various purposes. Be it sending a greeting, important messages as well as presenting ideas to clients on the spot and in a concise manner. Textgram has made this very easy and simple.
Created by a young team of IT savvy programmers and designers, Textgram was brought into being by Codeadore in the year 2012. Within one month the app was downloaded by more than one million users from all over the world. Textgram had been receiving positive reviews from many Tech magazines and has been given fantastic ratings in tech blogs all over the internet. To know more about the team that created Textgram please click here
My girlfriend loved the greeting I sent her using Textgram. Since then I have been using Textgram to tell her about my feelings and guess what, works every time!” Keith Baynes, New York.
Thanks to Textgram, I now have a hundred different ways to say things to my friends and my family.Nasir Ahmed, Paris.
In view of its popularity and that fact that Textgram has been downloaded by ten million users all over the world, the makers of Textgram have presented this incredible offer to the public to download the Pro version of Textgram for FREE for a 3 days from 13 September to 16 September to celebrate the reaching of this huge target for Textgram. To get the pro version use the promotion code "10million2013".
First app of its kind on Android, Textgram breaks the milestone of reaching out to ten million users worldwide.”
Do not miss this exciting offer to download Textgram as it is one of the most thrilling Apps on Android in the market. Download Textgram and start using your creativity to bring out the best of the artist in you. Be it sending a greeting or presenting a rough picture of your presentation to your client on the spot, Textgram is the App to use. You are also welcome to visit the blog and comment on the App and how useful it has been to you. If you are new to the App world then you can also watch a simple video on YouTube which will help you know how to use Textgram easily.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Textgram is now available at the AppStore for iPhone

The official version of Textgram is now available for iOS, iPhone and iOS users can now enjoy using Textgram on their devices, more features to be added soon. It's available at the AppStore for free and without any ads.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Two Arabic fonts packages have been added to the Store

Two Arabic fonts packages have been added to the Store and are available for all the users. The two packages are:

  • Arabic: JIMI Pack
  • 5 Arabic Fonts

Saturday, June 29, 2013

New update for Textgram (v2.3.10) and a new feature

The new UI
A new update has just been released for the Android version of Textgram, the UI has been redesigned to be simpler and cleaner.

New features:

  • Highlight
  • 3D animations at the Store
  • Updated content